san diego international airport

San Diego International Airport
Commuter Terminal
San Diego, CA

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View from Terminal Access Road

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Arrivals/Departure Curb

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Project Description

In order to free jet gates at the existing terminals, the Airport Authority decided to relocate six regional carriers into a separate, standalone facility. Because of EIR restrictions, a limited budget and the need to open the facility before a major convention, the Authority and the consultant team decided to remodel an existing USAir hangar facility to serve as a commuter terminal. The 40,000 sf facility is a full service facility featuring airline check-in, departure and arrival areas, and F&B concessions. The $6 million commuter terminal was completed in eight months, from design through construction. Gerhard Pichel, GPA president, was the project principal on this project while employed with another firm.


Client: San Diego County Regional Airport Authority
Scope: Architectural Design
Area: 40,000 sf
Cost: $6 million
Year Completed: 1996