San Bernardino Valley College Media Communications Building
San Bernardino, CA

Description: Elev-colored.jpg
Northeast Elevation

Description: MEDIA_COMM - 1st.jpg
Floor Plan

Description: MEDIA_COMM - SITE photoshop.jpg
Site Plan

Project Description
GPA was commissioned to provide planning and conceptual design services for three new buildings on the Valley College campus for the San Bernardino Community College District. A seismic fault traversing the campus required special consideration in the design and placement of the buildings.
The Media Communications Building provides leading facilities for the faculty and production facilities for the local TV and radio station KVCR. The facility concept was based on the
following considerations:

  • Shared use with maximum flexibility for teaching and production
  • Interior circulation patterns cognizant of providing a logical “tower route” that doesn’t disturb the work being conducted
  • The entire space should be open, light and bright


Client: San Bernardino Community College District
Scope: Planning and Conceptual Design
Area: 17,044 sf
Cost: $4 Million
Year Completed: 2005