Salt Lake City International Airport
Commuter Terminal and International Arrivals Building
Salt Lake City, UT

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Landside View

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Commuter Holdroom

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International Arrivals Lobby

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Commuter Boarding Concourse

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Project Description
Salt Lake City International Airport faced the challenge of accommodating the explosive growth of a regional carrier and international air service for the Winter Olympics. Budget limitations dictated an innovative approach of designing a building that would accommodate these distinct and separate functions under one roof in a two story structure. The commuter terminal, named Concourse E, consists of a common hold room, a naturally ventilated boarding pier and airline operational facilities, with a total building area of 62,000 sf. The international arrivals facility occupies 58,000 sf and has the capacity to process 600 passengers per hour. The entire facility was constructed using a fast track approach. It was completed in 12 months at a cost of $125/sf. Gerhard Pichel, GPA president, was the project principal on this project while employed with another firm.


Client: Salt Lake City Department of Airports
Scope: Architectural Design
Area: 120,000 sf
Cost: $15 million
Year Completed: 1995