Kevin Williams

Senior Design Architect

Number of Years with

11 Years


Bachelor of Architecture, The University of Cincinnati, DAAP 6-Year Thesis Program

Licensed Architect, California

Unique Qualifications
Kevin brings over 21+ years of highly diversified architectural design experience, including skyscrapers, airports, resorts, educational, transportation, medical, automotive and commercial projects in New York, California, Hawaii, Kentucky, Nevada and 20+ other states and countries! His designs have been recognized around the world for their monumental and timeless excellence. A master sculptor of skylines using emotionally powerful forms, Kevin's consistant reputation as a leader in visionary design, as well as personal light-heartedness and humor, bring projects up to a award winning level.  Early in his history, to clearly express his designs and intentions, Kevin pioneered computer visualization in architecture dating back to 1989. Today using multiple technologies and cutting edge visual presentation techniques coupled with his filmmaking skills, powerful tools such as FORM-Z, 3D Studio, MAYA, Sketchup, Autocad, and Photoshop are his tools of choice. With designs that have been recognized around the world, Kevin easily assists clients and team members in understanding the emotion and physical character of his designs to get projects approved by clients, governments, the general public. Recently, his design talent and client relations have been instrumental in shaping and coordinating the architectural design of the San Diego International Airport Terminal 2 West Expansion with its Smarcurb Passenger Pavilion Concourses, and skyscrapers in both New York City and Beijing China.

Additional Qualities
Kevin also has advanced studies in Psychology, Photography, Film and Television Production as well as being a Musician, and Inventor. He continues to produce works inside and out of architecture for public, private, and humanitarian causes globally that stir the emotions of everyone who experiences them.